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Standing in
a Trainer's
Almaty/ March 27 – April 04, 2018
With legendary MARILYN ATKINSON, trainer and developer of the Program
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HR experts
Coaches/ Psychologists
Entrepreneurs, leaders
  • Coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Business trainers
  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • HR-managers
  • Negotiators
  • NLP practitioners and masters
  • Wellness coaches (yoga, fitness, nutrition)
  • Performance coaches
  • Sports coaches
  • Lifestyle coaches
Transformational trainer and author of training Marilyn Atkinson
Founder and President of Erickson Coaching International (Canada)
This Program is being taught worldwide for 10 years.
The originator of a well-known Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model.
Over 45,000 alumni of her programs.
Author of 5 bestsellers.
More than 35 years of teaching Coaching and NLP around the globe.
About Training
This program will give you an ample opportunity to design, organize and model your own coach training programs using unique formats that promote and encourage transformational development. “Standing in Contribution: A Trainer’s Training” is a highly interactive course with a very specific focus on Transformational Thinking. You will explore how to create trust in Unity Consciousness. This includes learning how to align with others in such a way that people recognize and respond to the deep core of their own inner truth. It also includes eliminating the ‘fear’ conversations and controversies that stop effective exploration and development.
Download summary of “Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training” Program.
What you will get from the training
Your own ready-made program. You’ll create a clear vision of your own program in terms of the concept, goals, structure, thematic modules, design, and methodological approach.
You’ll make your program deeper and more multidimensional using Marilyn Atkinson’s tools and techniques.
You’ll become an influential person and learn how to motivate and interest your audience positively.
You’ll enrich your toolkit of effective metaphors and strengthen the internal logic of your training.
You’ll develop and implement powerful, systemic models of organizational changes.
You’ll create a foundation to inspire and motivate others to learn and develop.
You’ll learn how to make powerful presentations.
You’ll become a masterful speaker.
Why Standing in Contribution is acknowledged as one of the best programs?
It gives you methods of conscious and unconscious learning.
It gives you a ready-made program upon completion of the training.
It gives you mastery, expertise and experience of the master.
It gives you insights into the resourceful state system and secret methods from Marilyn.
It gives you a comprehensive approach to training.
It gives you peer learning with colleagues from different countries.
The program is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation)
«Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training» Program recognized by ICF
«BUSINESS Trainer» - Internationally recognized certificate
* certification requirements to be passed
International Certificate confirming your competence and skills.
International Business Trainer certification means that your knowledge and expertise are acknowledged both locally and throughout the world. It expands opportunities for you to practice and be hired in any country.
Increase in value of your services as a trainer.
The value of your expertise excels as well as the quality of your programs and teaching. When you become a certified trainer, you will be able to justify the fees charged for your services.
Qualified Feedback on your training.
Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) and Master Certified Coaches (MCC) evaluate your training and provide you with constructive feedback.
Download certification requirements to become “Erickson BUSINESS trainer”.
515 000
Trainer's Training
Standing in Contribution:
A Trainer's Training
103 000
Trainer's Training
Powerful and dynamic training full of different tools and exercises, and what is most important, it gives the power to acknowledge your strengths and see additional areas for your professional growth and development. The program is designed in such a unique way that it reveals inner deeper resources, talents, capabilities, and potential of every participant, allowing to realize and improve your own style as a trainer.
Galiya Khamitova
PCC ICF, Facilitator of Erickson Coaching International programs, President of Erickson International Kazakhstan, Central Asia & Caucasus
Almaty, Kazakhstan
It’s magic, awesome… what other words could describe emotions and feelings from Marilyn’s mastery. Her unique way of speaking, transformational metaphors, the flow created by her, in addition to simultaneous teaching both on conscious and unconscious levels work wonders.
Sergey Gmyzin
HR Director of Industrial Coating Plant LLP, Psychologist, Business trainer, Coach
Tolyatti, Russia
Amazing what transformation and progress I was able to make. I truly recommend this awesome training to anyone who wants to be a great trainer.
Lydia Sirotova
Professional Coach
Bratislava, Slovakia
We by nature are all ‘standing in contribution’, but in order to get a natural inspiration one needs to join. This is such a great program for every person who wants to consider himself or herself as a trainer. To find the true teacher within you who leads to mastery, just be present in this course.
Zerrin Baser
Kazakhstan is a multifaceted country — once you visit it you surely would like to come again.
Kazakhstan is a peaceful home to nearly 120 ethnic groups and nationalities.
Kazakhstan means picturesque sceneries of mountains, rivers, lakes, steppe and canyons.
The country is famous for its modern and high-tech cities, cultural and historical sightseeing areas.
People of Kazakhstan are world-famous for their cordiality and hospitality.
Kazakhstan is famous for delicious national cuisine and drinks.
Official language is Kazakh,
however Russian is commonly used
The world biggest high-mountain skating rink Medeo is located in Almaty
You can rent a bike in Almaty, and there are special bicycle lanes
To the east of Almaty there is a gorgeous canyon, called Charyn.
Thanks to its uniqueness and beauty it is being compared to Grand Canyon in Colorado.
Almaty TV Tower Kok-Tobe is rated among the highest TV towers in the world
The world second largest perennial lake Balkhash is located in Kazakhstan
Half of the lake is fresh and half is salt. This phenomenon is still not explained by scientists.
Kazakhstan is the country of apples and tulips.
The name of Almaty is translated as ‘father of apples’.
The highest tensile structure in the world Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.
It is designed by Norman Foster.
The world's first space launch facility Baikonur Cosmodrome is also located in Kazakhstan.
Baikonur was the launch place for the first artificial satellites orbiting the Earth, the Sun, and Moon, and also for orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin.
The lake of Tenghiz in Kazakhstan is the northernmost nesting place of the pink flamingo.
The population of birds is about 35,000. The place is included in the list of UNESCO as a particularly protected landscape of swamp-and-lake areas.
High-mountain skating rink Medeo
Picturesque ski resort Shymbulak
Magnificent large Almaty lake
Mysterious canyon Charyn
Central State Museum of Kazakhstan
Kok-tobe mountain part
Green part named after the First President of Kazakhstan
Beautiful Butakovskiy waterfall
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